If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint. ~ Edward Hopper



“We currently have three of Jacqueline's paintings and, while they all differ in style and colors, they have one very important thing in common...they evoke joy.  You can literally feel and see the love that she puts into each piece. Our favorite is "Flow" which feels like a spring breeze coming off the water - bringing a smile to your face and a sense of comfort to your soul. Jacqueline's tremendous gift is her ability to elicit feelings of optimism, happiness, and love from anyone who views her work.  We are truly honored to own her art and look forward to adding to our collection in the future!”
Jennifer and Scott Staples

“Sometimes the best way to describe a work of art is to put it simply; Jacqueline's paintings make me happy! What better way to compliment a labor of love than this!!! The gift of making people happy is one of the greatest a person can possess and a gift that Jacqueline has chosen to share with the world. I love to walk thru the house and look at paintings she has blessed my husband and I with. The time and care that she puts into each and every painting makes them so very special. I relish her freedom of expression and the way she uses her life experiences to guide her in her designs, colors, and mood of each piece. The vibrancy of her work makes the canvas come alive and evokes cherished memories of a childhood long ago when joy and wonderment were in their purest forms. So...once again, what greater compliment can I give an artist like Jacqueline; her paintings make me happy!”
Karen Loemker
San Angelo, Texas

“I have had the honor and pleasure to know and own one of Jacqueline Doyle Allison's canvases for the last four years. Its fine balance of light and dark and multi texture was the centerpiece of my Atlanta apartment and was a great accent to the smaller and more traditional room’s architecture. I have recently moved it to my rural farm home which is architecturally the opposite; being very light and open. It’s proven to be highly adaptive and accent equally as well in the new, very different environment. “
Mark Parise
Quincy, Illinois

"I am filled with profound joy to be the owner of Jacqueline Allison’s painting “Meander”, part of her Wanderlust series. When I first saw the series, I connected to it in a way that left me breathless. Wanderlust is all about the love of travel, and each painting moved me in the same way that I feel when I travel all over the world and stare in awe at a magnificent sight. Jacqueline’s artwork is a true extension of her beautiful and pure soul, and it makes my heart warm to feel her presence through her work. To know Jacqueline is to feel enveloped by the hope and love she brings to the world, and her artwork leaves a feeling of rapture for those who are blessed to view it. I am grateful to know Jacqueline and look forward to many years of her inspiration."
Suzie Mastrofski
Chicago, Illinois

"In 1995, I first met Jacqueline. At that time, I had not really appreciated the medium of abstract art. In getting to know Jacqueline and being exposed to her work over the intervening years, I gained an understanding of Jacqueline and her art. For quite some time, I have relished watching her as she experimented with different media and perspectives, blossoming into the artist she is today. At the same time, my appreciation for her medium had grown so much, that I wanted to infuse our home with the passion she expresses through her art. Now, I have her paintings adorning the walls of my home. Her acrylic, “Joy”, is the focal point for my living room and her paintings adorn my staircase and give a cozy feel to my kitchen."
Katherine Potter
Peachtree Corners, GA

"Jacqueline's paintings make me smile. I have a number of her exquisite pieces in my home. The colors are gorgeous and the paintings are rich with movement and texture. I see something new every time I look at them. Each one feeds my soul in a different way. I sometimes use one of her paintings as a visual prompt for mediation, relaxation and feeling peaceful. In other cases, her work energizes me. They always leave me feeling happier. I am thankful to have such beautiful works of art grace my home and my heart."
Kelli Clay
Peachtree Corners, Georgia

“Jacqueline’s work exhibits energy and excitement. Her ability to show movement and joy in her color combinations is amazing, and stirs the creative side of my soul. It is a true pleasure to work with her and share her passion for life through art.”
Ann Bailey
Ann Art Gallery


"I have been purchasing Art from you for at least 15 years now.  From the first piece to the last (which I'm sure will be far into the future), your work has brought color, joy and even peace into our home.  Each piece is different and unique and each elicits only positive feelings and energy daily.  Your creativity is palpable with a range of style, looks and beauty to reach anyone who may be lucky enough to own some of your work.  I look forward to what you bring in the future and want you to know that your art has enhanced the aesthetic experiences in our home.”
Tara Darby
Rock Hill, South Carolina

“I am truly blessed to own Jacqueline Allison’s exquisite painting, “Saving Grace,” which hangs proudly in my office.  Jacqueline captures the essence of Mother Nature in her intricate composition, using my absolute favorite colors, purple and green.  The result is a soulful and soothing masterpiece that reflects peace and tranquility.  “Saving Grace” is like spiritual therapy … just what the doctor ordered!”
Elizabeth Fairleigh
thE Connection, Inc.

"I received Jacqueline's latest email about her most current work and immediately thought I needed to see her art in person.  Something grabbed me when I saw her latest pieces, so I quickly contacted her to stop by her studio.  The colors and shapes that I saw in this art surrounded me with a joyful, positive, and serene feeling.  I saw hope, happiness, and a love of life in Jacqueline's work.  Seeing this art in her studio magnified these same feelings and thoughts, so I had to have some for my home.  Jacqueline's art is now hanging in my home and daily brings a smile to my face, a calming joy to my heart, and a love for life to my soul."
Scott Goodwin
Atlanta, Georgia

"I have followed Jacqueline’s art with great interest for five years now.  Her brush strokes, like flowers, always bend and move toward the light and where it comes from.  There is much wisdom in this, and she shares it with such generosity of spirit through her work."
Laurence Holden
Warwoman Creek,
Katuah Province, Turtle Island
The Artist's Path: On The Trail Between Art & Nature

“Jacqueline’s mixed-media “Due South” painting has been a wonderful addition to our eclectically-decorated home. The bold reds, yellows, oranges and turquoise blues are such a bright spot on our living room wall and always make me feel bright and happy. The many layers of texture add much rhythm and dimension to this piece and inspire me to see something different no matter where I stand in the room. Her art is very warm and vibrant and always brightens my mood. I’m looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come!”
Lisa Dye Janes
WEICHERT, REALTORS® – Mark Thomas Properties
3901 University Drive
Durham, NC 27707

"Jacqueline Doyle Alison's inspired contemporary works are much like the artist herself - very personal, textural & deeply moving - a collection that soars and still draws the viewer in. Her works lets you know the artist has a rich & interesting life - played out on canvas.  I adore knowing Jacqueline more deeply thru her body of visually stimulating works - yet, resting in them as well. A very delicate balance..."
Debi Lamb
The Art House Gallery
Atlanta, Georgia

“Jacqueline Allison has a keenly optimistic outlook on life and is able to transfer that positive energy to her canvases.  Her work is refreshing and up-lifting.  Each piece moves in a cheerful and hopeful form.  They dance! There are few artists who can convey their spirit through paint, but Jacqueline Allison's work is as delightful as the artist herself!”
Brooke Robinson
Local Color Gallery

1912 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203

"We collect art for our home and own several of Jacqueline's pieces that have brought us a great deal of pleasure. Each piece conveys feelings of joy, thoughtfulness, reflection, and spirituality that add meaning and comfort to our home."
BJ and John Thirkettle
Marietta, GA

“I have several pieces of Jacqueline’s work ranging from some of her early pieces to more recent.  There is a timeless quality of the artwork, from early sunflowers to selections from the past year, which flows in my home.   Jacqueline’s work is complex and engaging, while bringing a sense of joy and peace.   The artwork is located in my family room, living room and bedroom and in each room I can gaze at the painting and feel a sense of calm.  acqueline’s work has also inspired me to write some poetry, which I have shared with friends.  Having Jacqueline’s work in my home is a blessing and I am grateful that she continues to create and share her beautiful gift with the world.”
Tracie Thompson
Seminole, Florida